Productive Group Work

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How to Engage Students, Build Teamwork, and Promote Understanding

Although there’s nothing new about collaborative group work, it’s frequently either done wrong or doesn’t come close to fulfilling its potential as a powerful learning strategy. Now here’s a book that explains how to create the right circumstances for group learning so that students build on one another’s understanding and end up knowing more than they would have working alone

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SKU: 993298 - 11 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Sandi Everlove Publisher: ASCD Page count: 127 ISBN: 9781416608837 Publish date: 40118 Language: English

Product overview

Discover how aligning research-based principles with practical classroom actions makes it much easier for you to:

  • Design challenging and engaging group tasks.
  • Guide group work and promote positive interaction and interdependence.
  • Monitor and assess how well students are learning.
  • Ensure group and individual accountability.
  • Foster essential interpersonal skills, such as listening, giving useful feedback, and considering different points of view.

Lots of classroom illustrations across grade levels and disciplines ensure you know the best ways to form groups, accommodate mixed readiness levels, and make collaborative learning routines a sure-fire success every time.