MiRo Robot Adoption Pack

Posted by Natasha Sampson on 29th Aug 2019

MiRo Robot Adoption Pack

HELP… Rescue MiRo from the pound!

Adopt MiRo Robot


MiRo is eager to find a new home! He just wants is to curl up on the couch in the evenings with a delicious bone before falling asleep in his very own kennel. All MiRo needs is someone to throw his favourite ball to him and add a snack to his bowl, and he’ll be delighted to explore his new home all day.

Don’t worry, if MiRo gets too cheeky Puppy School is included to help him learn socially appropriate puppy behaviours like heel, stay, chase his tail or the ball, and respond to go home and go to bed! It is the idea motivator for students to learn coding as part of their digital literacies STEM program.

Last but definitely not least, if MiRo ever feels poorly there is a two-year pet insurance Vet Check to cover any of those costly emergency vet bills!

Your rescue robot puppy will arrive at your doorstep with:

1 x Certificate of Adoption

1 x MiRo

1 x MiRo Bone

1 x Kennel

1 x MiRo Ball

1 x MiRo bowl (QR code inside)

1 x Puppy School (3 X hours training)

1 x Vet Check (warranty) 2-year pet insurance included

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Entertaining and emotionally engaging, MiRo-E responds to human interaction like a real puppy!

✔ MiRo-E likes to be stroked

Touch MiRo-E and watch him purr, light up, move its ears and wag its tail.

✔ MiRo-E can hear your voice

Clap, speak or make any sound, MiRo-E will move towards you or even away if it is alarmed

✔ MiRo-E can see you & everything around it 

 MiRo-E likes movement and will follow you as you move

 That’s not all. MiRo-E can be easily programmed to do much more!

Find out more about MiRo robot here

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