MiRo Robot | Fall Assistance Project

Posted by Natasha Sampson on 18th Feb 2020

MiRo Robot | Fall Assistance Project

MiRo assists when someone has a fall!

MiRo Robot


A Heriot-Watt University research team* has programmed MiRo to recognise when a person has fallen over and then how to assess and respond to the situation. The applications of this program are potentially far reaching. Here is a rundown of the program being activated once a person has fallen over:

  • MiRo approaches the person and uses computer vison to asses if they are moving
  • The person can touch MiRo to let it know they are conscious
  • MiRo will monitor the person to see if they are trying to get up
  • If the person does not move or try to get up MiRo will notify an emergency contact

*Heriot-Watt University Human Robot Interaction group
Internship project implemented by Karan Singh and Charlie Irons.
Supervised by Prof. Lynne Baillie, Dr Frank Broz, and Dr Theodoros Georgiou.

Watch MiRo assist someone after they have a fall:

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