Annie Murphy Paul’s The Extended Mind in Action

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The Extended Mind by award-winning science writer, Annie Murphy Paul, is not an out-and-out education book. But it is entirely focused on how learning and thinking happen, illustrating how a multi-modal approach to cognition can widen points of access to intellectual activity. Using evidence from cognitive science, neuroscience, and psychology, The Extended Mind might broaden your understanding of human cognition. The findings of Annie Murphy Paul parallel those of cognitive load theorists: memory is at the core of cognition, and the body, the environment and other people enrich learning. In this book, Emma Turner, David Goodwin, and Oliver Caviglioli demonstrate how teachers can help their students augment their thinking with their bodies (embodied cognition), external tools (situated cognition) and the people around them (distributed cognition). To ease your concerns, you will read how the works of several eminent researchers validate claims put forward. Teachers and leaders of all education phases will find this book enlightening; using practical strategies and cases studies, the authors highlight opportunities to enrich students’ learning by widening points of access to intellectual activity.

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SKU: 9781915261007 - 12 Categories: , Ages: Adult Author: Emma Turner, David Goodwin, Oliver Caviglioli Publisher: John Catt Educational Page count: 100 Edition: 1st Edition ISBN: 9781915261007 Publish date: 6 May 2022