Autism Abracadabra

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Seven Magic Ingredients to Help Develop Your Child’s Interactive Attention Span

A collection of 200 low-cost activities for autistic children to help lengthen interactive attention span and increase social interaction

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SKU: 9781787757516 - 12 Category: Ages: 6 - 12 Author: Kate Wilde Page count: 208 ISBN: 9781787757516 Publish date: 2nd August, 2022

Product overview

Don’t you wish there was a “magic” formula for activities and games that… – Your loved one on the autism spectrum actually wants to participate in? – Develops their interactive attention span and socialization? There is! Designed around common special interests enjoyed by autistic people, this book includes over 180 activities for families to do together to help strengthen relationships and develop social skills. Kate shows how seven magic ingredients for optimal game-playing can be applied to a range of themes, from trains and planes to household appliances, the human body to animals and insects, TV and film characters, and what’s more, how you can introduce your loved one’s favorite topics. She shares “Presto Chango” beliefs – the five mindsets you need to power activities – as well as how to understand the magic of timing and knowing when to start and stop an activity based on your loved one’s cues.


Kate Wilde has spent the whole of her life working with children on the autism spectrum. She has a degree in Music and Education from the University of Surrey, UK, and has studied with Dr. Rachel Pinney. Kate is the Director for Global Outreach at the Autism Treatment Center of America (R), where she has worked for over 20 years, working one-on-one with over 1500 children from more than 40 different countries. She also works in private practice serving families worldwide.