Draw on Your Relationships Pack

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Creative Ways to Explore, Understand and Work Through Important Relationship Issues

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Product overview

Draw on Your Relationships is a bestselling resource to help people of all ages express, communicate and deal more effectively with their emotions through drawing. Built around five key themes, each section contains a simple picture exercise with clear objectives, instructions and suggestions for development. The picture activities have been carefully designed to help ease the process of both talking about feelings and exploring life choices, by trying out alternatives safely on paper. This will help to create clarity and new perspectives as a step towards positive action.

Offering a broad range of exercises which can be adapted for any ability or age from middle childhood onwards, this unique book explores a range of emotions surrounding a person’s important life experiences, key memories, relationships, best times, worst times and who they are as a person. This is an essential resource for therapists, educators, counsellors and anyone who engages other people in conversations that matter about their relationship to self, others and life in general.

The Relationship Cards are 48 emotive and artistic images designed to help people to review the key relationships in their lives in a meaningful and often transformative way. The cards provide an engaging way for people to talk about and clarify their feelings, while reflecting on what they value in their relationships and what they might want to change.

Spanning both positive and negative states in relationships, the cards show themes such as trust, resentment, fear of abandonment, drifting apart, encouragement and feeling supported. The accompanying booklet explains how to use the cards with participants in a supportive and safe way to facilitate deeper conversations about relationships with people in their lives, past and present. Accompanying translations are provided in German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

This beautiful resource can be used by educators, therapists or anyone wishing to open a dialogue about relationships. It is also a perfect supplement to Draw on Your Relationships, Margot Sunderland’s bestselling book. The second edition of Draw on Your Relationships contains a new section that explains how to get the most out of combining the activities in the book with these cards to encourage meaningful conversations and take steps towards positive action.