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The Respectful Workplace Game has been developed as a highly engaging educational resource with the objective of reducing current bullying (harassment) and preventing future bullying (harassment) by promoting respectful workplaces and positive relationships


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Product overview

**Damaged Lid**

Workplace bullying and abuse has become a major issue for both employees and organisations world-wide. The victims and bystanders of workplace bullying suffer both physical and emotional symptoms, including depression, anxiety, pain, digestive problems, and low self esteem. And their work suffers as a consequence. Organisations also suffer the negative consequences of bullying and abuse. It can cost them Millions of dollars as a result of lost productivity, unnecessary staff turnover, and diminished competitive edge. In addition, organisations expose themselves to claimant payouts in the Millions of dollars if they allow these negative behaviours to infiltrate and proliferate in their organisations.

A respectful workplace is one where workplace members are continually vigilant in ensuring that they act in a respectful way and do not bully or harass other workplace members. Members work to support, not put down other members. In a respectful workplace, success depends on supporting others and making them look good, not making others look bad. Making others look good makes you look good.

With the massive uptake of cyber-bullying organisations need to be on the alert for this most insidious form of bullying.

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Who should play The Respectful Workplace Game?

This game has been designed for both the workplace and educational settings. Whether it be managers or non-supervisory employees in the workplace. It is appropriate for any group of individuals who want to learn how to improve their communication skills and play a positive role in an organisation. This game can be a key element of a concerted effort to increase respect in the workplace and eliminate workplace bullying. Why this game? Harassment due to sex, race, ethnicity, or disability are generally illegal, and most individuals in the workplace at all levels know that such harassment would likely result in termination. On the other hand, bullying or harassment that is not focused on the above issues is common in the workplace worldwide and is generally not against the law, although this will be changing over the next several years. This game is a tool to fight workplace bullying, general harassment and a way to avoid the serious negative consequences for the individuals and organisations as a whole.

Players will: Learn the principles of respectful relationships and help create a respectful workplace Learn to avoid unintentional bullying and/or harassment Learn how to handle delicate problems with-out even the appearance of bullying or lack of respect Learn how to recognise workplace bullying, even its subtle forms, Learn how to deal with bullying if it occurs and try to end it before it becomes a major problem Learn ways to disagree and compete with others in ways that preserves respect Learn about workplace bullying, its prevalence, and the negative consequences for targets, victims, bystanders, and organisations, and Play a vital role in reducing the incidence of litigation against their employer that is related to workplace bullying and harassment issues. These skills and behaviours will contribute to the productivity and creativity of the players’ organisations, as well as minimise the chances of suits or complaints being brought related to harassment or bullying.

Players: 2-6

Ages: High-school to adult

The Respectful Workplace Game can be used with a small group of two or more. It can also be used in a large class or seminar setting by employing multiple copies of the game. In this situation, the facilitator does not have to attend to each group, but can circulate among the groups as a resource person. Facilitators do not have to be experts in workplace bullying or communication skills. Any group leader or teacher can facilitate the game. There are two sets of rules- one for individual play and one for team play. When it is practical and when time allows, forming players into teams is an advantage because the players are not only learning about workplace respect, but they are participating in a team as they are playing the game. What happens in the teams that are playing the game is also excellent data for the post-game discussion, since some team members by feel bullied by others. Includes: PowerPoint Presentation CD-ROM – It can be used to make a presentation about respect and workplace bullying as an introduction to the game. You can also use selected slides to illustrate points about workplace bullying. The CD also can serve as a stand-alone presentation on the current state of workplace bullying separate from the game.

Authors: Co-Authored by Franklin Rubenstein, Ph.D. of Franklin Learning Systems and Hugh Kingsley, M.Ed, educationalist and founder of The Brainary, Australia.