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Dyspraxia for Children Pack

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About 1 in 20 individuals have dyspraxia.
Dyspraxia is a coordination disorder that can affect verbal, oral and motor skills. While it cannot be cured, regular therapy can help improve the disorder. We have thoughtfully put together these insightful and practical resources for teachers, therapists and family members to assist them with helping children who have dyspraxia.
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Product overview

The Dyspraxia for Children Pack includes:
Hands on Dyspraxia: Developmental Coordination Disorder 2nd Edition – This updated new edition is a practical guidebook for parents, teachers and other professionals supporting children with sensory and motor learning difficulties. It offers an understanding of developmental coordination disorder (DCD), and the impact that this can have in both home and school settings. Each chapter offers practical ‘hands-on’ strategies, activities and ideas for managing the effects of the condition as well as providing a sound medical and physiological understanding of the condition to facilitate access to education and everyday living.
Supporting Children with Dyspraxia and Motor Co-ordination Difficulties 2nd Edition – practical tips and strategies on how to meet the needs of children and young people with dyspraxia and other coordination difficulties in a range of educational settings, features timesaving checklists, templates and photocopiable resources to support professional development.
That’s the Way I Think Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and dyscalculia explained 3rd Edition – explores the study of dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD as well as visualisation and synaesthesia, in the light of new data and research. Enables the reader to gain a fuller understanding of the sensory experiences and thoughts of individuals with specific learning differences.
Play 2 Learn Dominoes – Character Strength – a fun game based on the concepts of the new field of positive psychology; it is designed to build strong character in children.
Age: 7+