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Early Literacy Software Collection

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This range of apps has been developed alongside the curriculum to help children achieve the early learning goals through independent and collaborative play. The games are designed to have the same physical objects and environments on screen. Players are guided by hints and feedback while challenges and rewards motivate ongoing learning.

The apps can be downloaded for use on iPad, Android tablet, PC, Mac, TAP it and Digital Nursery.

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Product overview

The Early Literacy Collection includes:

I-Spy Initial Sounds App: I-Spy Interactive games help children develop confidence as they start to read. For any chosen letter there is a list of objects to find in the picture. The audio helps children focus on the initial sound and then find objects starting with that sound in the picture. Spoken rewards indicate when they are correct. The number of objects in a picture varies depending on the sound and children enjoy the challenge of finding them all. They can seek help within the game when they get stuck. This game is ideal for collaborative play and developing literacy skills together. Teachers can select the letters within the apps to use as part of lesson activities or support particular children.

Initial Sounds Bubbles App: Initial Sound Bubbles games develop children’s confidence as they use early phonics skills and match letters to words. The interactive activities are appealing and fun to play in a variety of ways. Players are challenged to match the initial letter sound on a pebble and find the four-word pictures to match. Games can be played with or without audio. An animated reward appears when all four are correct with no errors. All letters of the alphabet are covered and further integrated activities can be played with lower and upper case Alphabet pebbles.

Find the Rhyme App: Find the Rhyme app is an exciting challenge for children developing key literacy skills. These interactive games, set on the beach, encourage listening and develop rhyming skills. The game mission is to find rhyming pairs and can be played collaboratively or independently. Children choose word picture pebbles to match a rhyming word picture bucket. With audio turned on children hear the words or a harder challenge is to play with sound turned off. The physical pebbles extend learning to secure early literacy skills.

Letter Recognition App: Recognising and remembering the different forms that a letter can take increases children’s awareness as they see them in other contexts and begin to use them in their early writing. The simple game play of this visually-engaging app follows the rules of pelmanism. Select a pair of letter stones, hear their name and sound and watch them to see if they match. If a pair is found, they remain face up. If not, they turn back over. Try to remember what you saw though as you might need some of those stones later! When a game is over, a new set of pebbles appears with letters selected randomly.