Egg Laying Animals – Augmented Reality Book

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Crack! Hatch!

This appealing book introduces the young explorers to the world of Animals that lay eggs. From reptiles that are covered in scales, and birds that fly in the sky with two wings. Explore the wild facts of animals that lay eggs in the most fascinating way you have ever seen. Experience protective colour by using the chameleon marker, listen to the cries of reptiles by using the microphone marker and complete a peacock by using the feather.

For use with the ARpedia Spotty augmented reality device


  • Augmented-reality book
  • 6 paper marker cards
  • 1 colouring marker card
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SKU: 9788901244266 - AR Categories: , Ages: 0 - 5 Author: Kim Yeong-ju Illustrator: Shin Yong-ho Publisher: ARpedia Page count: 35 ISBN: 9788901244266 Publish date: 2nd November, 2020