Emotion Regulation for Young People with Eating Disorders

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SKU: 9780367471279 - 88 Categories: , , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: Nesbitt, Sophie Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9780367471279 Publish date: 5/08/2021

Product overview

Emotion Regulation for Young People with Eating Disorders is a supportive guide for professionals to help them build effective therapeutic relationships with young people struggling with eating disorders.

The book focuses on the role of emotion regulation in the development and maintenance of eating disorders. The psychological concepts discussed are an integration of ideas and theories that have been proposed by many psychologists over the last half-century. The tasks presented in the book use aspects of these theories and concepts in an applied way which can be helpful to enable young people to understand more about their emotional experience and how it has contributed to their difficulties. The approach proposed can be used across the spectrum of eating disorders as the dysfunctional emotional regulation difficulty is shared by all eating disorders.

The workbook will be helpful for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, nurses, occupational therapists, dieticians and therapeutic care workers.