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EZ Robot Ultimate Developer Pack

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Endless robot configurations and combinations! The Ultimate Developer Kit includes over 100 EZ-Bits. Powered grippers allow your robot to pick up and hold objects. The wheels and treads of the Rover are adjustable in height to modify the ground clearance. Humanoid feet, body and head to build a 2 legged walking pal. Experience impressive vision tracking of objects, faces, colours and more.

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Product overview

The Ultimate Developer kit includes everything you need to create the popular EZ-Robot Revolution Robots.

The EZ Robot Ultimate Developer Pack includes:

– 1 x EZ Curriculum

– 1 x Developer Kit

– 1 x Builder Block Add On

– 3 x JD Humanoids

– 3 x Roli Rovers

– 3 x Hexapods

– 3 x Battle Flippers

– 3 x Adventure Bots

– 3 x Additional Lever Servo Motors

– 6 x Replacement Servo U-Brackets

– 2 x Extra LiPo Robot Battery 7.4v

– 4 x Micro Servos


JD is a powerful humanoid robot packed into a small and friendly body.

It offers advanced capabilities like; object tracking, speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Users can program JD with custom movements, positions, dances, and even gymnastics! JD’s RGB LED eyes can display countless expressions as users learn about human-robot interactions and practical applications.

Whether at home or in the classroom, JD achieves incredible levels of engagement for boys and girls, across all demographics and levels of academic ability.

Schools that implement EZ-Robots into their robotics and computer science programs will see enrollment increase by as much as 500% overall, with girl enrollment often increasing by more than 1,000%.