Gender Expression and Inclusivity in Early Childhood

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A Teacher’s Guide to Queering the Classroom

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This important and engaging guide details best practices for supporting the exploration and expression of gender in early years contexts. It explains how to use self-reflection, community collaboration, and action plans to create supportive environments and equitable opportunities for queer children and teachers in early years classrooms and schools. Featuring real-life examples from current classroom practice, the book includes diverse voices of children and adults alike, providing new ways for readers to connect to historically undervalued ideas of inclusion and expansiveness around emerging identities and personal power. Providing clear, practical recommendations in an accessible and engaging way, Gender Expression and Inclusivity in Early Childhood is an essential read for any teacher or school leader who wants to create kinder, more supportive, gender diverse environments for all children and educators.

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SKU: 9781032554266 - 88 Category: Ages: 0 - 5 Author: Samuel Broaden Page count: 116 ISBN: 9781032554266 Publish date: December 1, 2023