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Gifted and Talented Student Pack

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Many exceptional learners “fly under the radar” because they are not appropriately challenged in the general classroom, they never meet their full potential—in school or in life.

To address this, we have created the Gifted and Talented Student Pack. Gain insight into a gifted student’s social and emotional needs and their different developmental stages. The pack also provides useful strategies to challenge each student and up-to-date identifying and assessment tools for high-ability students.


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Product overview

Pack includes:

  • Essentials of Gifted Assessment
    • Essentials of Gifted Assessment introduces readers to the theory and practice underlying gifted assessment. Steven Pfeiffer, a leading expert in the field of gifted assessment, discusses what it means to be gifted, why we should identify gifted students, and the purposes of gifted assessment.
  • Engaging & Challenging Gifted Students
    • Filled with useful strategies and poignant personal accounts, this book gives you the “meat” of what you need to prevent those students who need to be challenged and engaged from slipping through the cracks.
  • Science Education for Gifted Learners
    • Set in the wider context of debates about the provision for those labelled ‘gifted’ and ‘exceptionally able’, this book explores the meaning of these categories, and considers what they may imply in such approaches as setting, streaming, acceleration and enrichment.
  • Bright, Complex Kids
    • Many bright and gifted kids do not feel understood or supported. For adults wanting to change that, Bright, Complex Kids provides guidance for gaining entrance to their internal world.
  • Differentiation for Gifted Students in a Secondary School
    • Differentiation for Gifted Students in a Secondary School aims to provide secondary school teachers with a raft of ideas and strategies to differentiate teaching, learning and the curriculum for gifted students.