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High Impact Reading Instruction and Intervention in the Primary Years

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This book is for every passionate teacher, education assistant, principal or deputy principal that has a deep desire to maximise the literacy progress and achievement of their students. Author, Julie Scali, takes the research of what makes the greatest impact in reading instruction and translates it into accessible, practical knowledge and routines for the primary classroom.

High Impact Reading Instruction and Intervention in the Primary Years aims to support educators in knowing that your teaching is aligned with scientifically based research to ensure literacy success is experienced by every student. The book is broken into two parts, the first being the fundamentals of high impact instruction and the second specifically targeting the reading science.

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SKU: 9781922607744 - 27 Category: Ages: 6 - 12 Author: Julie Scali Publisher: Amba Press Page count: 242 ISBN: 9781922607744 Publish date: 9th August, 2023


Knowing Julie professionally as I do, I sense her teacher voice in the words of this book, and the
passion for her subject shines through on each page. She marries practice with pedagogy with ease,
drawing upon her years of experience and of reflection of what works well in the classroom. I have
seen Julie putting these words into action in the years before she put them into print. Thank you for
sharing your advice so eloquently, enabling other teachers and children to benefit from your
Zoe Sharman, retired Headteacher, London

This book is essential reading for all passionate teachers. It is beneficial for both experienced
teachers in providing up-to-date best practice recommendations and for new teachers, to guide
them through a seemingly complicated process in a gentle, manageable way. Julie clearly explains all
elements of teaching reading, supported by relevant international research, in a friendly,
approachable manner. This book is full of practical ideas and useful resources to benefit every
primary teacher in their quest to improve literacy standards for all students within their classroom.
Diane Pursell, Teacher, WA

This easy-to-read, yet thoroughly comprehensive and informative, book academically outlines
through the eyes of a mum, educator and literacy consultant the many areas of classroom practice
and interventions that will ‘shift’ your students. Julie dives deep into the science of reading and
other research-backed practices to provide educators with a useable handbook to drive learning. For
schools like ours that are prioritising the provision of research-based high-quality reading instruction
and intervention across all grades, it is a must read.
Donna Reeves, Principal, Tumut Public School, NSW

It was such a pleasurable experience reading this book. It was well written with warmth (the same
way Julie presents) shining through. Although it was absolutely packed with information, it was not
dry like some academic texts. I found it to be so comprehensive and well sequenced. The literacy
block is like an onion – made up of multiple layers, and Julie made clear each layer and brought it all
together with cohesion. There were great examples included to help cement understanding. The RTI
and goal setting was covered extremely well. Huge congratulations! This is a text that will clearly
help teachers to build their capacity around high impact reading instruction.
Tamara Johansen, Literacy Leader, Humpty Doo Primary School, NT