Teaching & Learning Illuminated

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The Big Ideas, Illustrated

This exciting new book from the bestselling authors of The Science of Learning takes complex ideas around teaching and learning and makes them easy to understand and apply through beautifully illustrated graphics. Each concept is covered over a double-page spread, with a full-page graphic on one page and supportive text on the other. This unique combination of accessible images and clear explanations helps teachers navigate the key principles and understand how to best implement them in the classroom.

Distilling key findings and ideas for great evidence-based teaching from a broad range of contemporary studies, the book covers the research findings, ideas and applications from the most important and fundamental areas of teaching and learning including:

  • Retrieval Practice
  • Spacing
  • Interleaving
  • Cognitive Load Theory
  • Rosenshine’s Principles
  • Feedback
  • Resilience
  • Metacognition

Written to support, inspire and inform teaching staff and those involved in leadership and CPD, Teaching & Learning Illuminated will transform readers’ understanding of teaching and learning research.

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SKU: 9781032368955 - 88 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Bradley Busch, Edward Watson, Ludmila Bogatchek Publisher: Routledge Page count: 166 ISBN: 9781032368955 Publish date: 26th May, 2023