How to Integrate Spirituality in Psychotherapeutic Practice

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SKU: 9780367149260 - 88 Categories: , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: Schreurs, Agneta Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9780367149260 Publish date: 20/12/2019

Product overview

How to Integrate Spirituality in Psychotherapeutic Practice: Working with Spiritually Minded Clients enables mental health professionals to acquire the skills they need to diagnose and treat religious or spiritually minded clients. Research and practical experience show that religion and spirituality of clients can be very important in psychotherapy. Given the great diversity in the area of religion and spirituality, it is not easy to understand the complicated interconnections between the psychological complaints and the spirituality and/or religion of a client.
By providing an understanding of various types of spirituality, as well as theory, case histories, and clinical information using DSM diagnoses, this book will help therapists to design effective interventions. It takes account of the plurality in psychotherapeutic methods, as well as in spiritual/religious views, practices, and use of terms.
How to Integrate Spirituality in Psychotherapeutic Practice is directed to a readership of practitioners who have decided to integrate the religious/spiritual dimension into their practice. It primarily addresses psychotherapists and mental health counsellors practising in general mental health residential units and day-to-day consultation clinics, as well as religious therapists, pastoral psychotherapists, pastoral counsellors, and the clergy.