Insects – Augmented Reality Book

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Can you guess what this book is about? It is about the most abundant type of animals on Earth. The answer is insects! Solving quizzes by reading a book gets readers to learn more about insects. Plus the paper marker helps the reader to examine more about insects. In short this book includes everything a child needs to discover the weird, wacky, diverse, and fascinating world of bugs.

For use with the ARpedia Spotty augmented reality device


  • Augmented reality book
  • 4 paper marker cards
  • 1 colouring marker card
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SKU: 9788901244280 - AR Categories: , Ages: 0 - 5 Author: Park Hae-cheol Illustrator: Heo Hyeon-kyeong Publisher: ARpedia Page count: 35 ISBN: 9788901244280 Publish date: 2nd November, 2020