Longtime Companions

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SKU: 9780789006417 - 88 Categories: , , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: LEES Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9780789006417 Publish date: 27/05/1999

Product overview

Longtime Companions: Autobiographies of Gay Male Fidelity provides a sophisticated alternative to “anything goes” gay literature. Challenging the stereotype that gay men are incapable of lasting and successful relationships, 15 long-term gay couples share slices of their own lives to give you insight into their present relationships, while some discuss life after their mates have passed on. You will find that their stories offer an inspirational and richly fulfilling alternative to an empty life of promiscuity that lacks true love.

Through a treasury of autobiographical essays, Longtime Companions documents how committed gay male unions can be as enduring, nurturing, and diverse as heterosexual marriages and proves that loving commitments and life-sharing are not exclusive to heterosexual unions. A celebration of gay diversity, this book offers you insights from contributors of different ages, professions, geographic locations, and attitudes. You will learn the intimate details of the couples’lives, including:

  • how they met their partners
  • how soon they committed to each other
  • how long the couples have been together–from 14 years to over 50 years
  • their keys to leading successful, happy lives
  • the ways in which their relationships fulfill their personal needs and contribute to community life

    You will come to realize the true strength of these men’s relationships as you share in their struggles within a society that offers them little recognition or support for their successful relationships. Co-editor Alfred Lees explains in the introduction to Longtime Companions, “We’ve all worked diligently to make our partnerships sound, nurturing, and enduring. We’ve done this without any social motivation, largely without role models, in the face of ‘official’disapproval or contempt. We’ve told our stories here to refute–by the simple facts of our experience–the grotesque misrepresentation of gays as being