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MetaCat: Your Interactive Robo-Cat

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The Purr~Fect Companion Robotic Pet Cat

MetaCat is a unique robotic pet that offers a realistic and interactive experience for cat lovers. With its more expressive eye animations and lifelike movements, it is designed to evoke emotional responses from its users, making it feel more like a real cat.

Made with top-quality materials that are safe for all users, the fur is made of hypoallergenic, skin-friendly materials, and the toy itself is made of food-grade silicone.

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Product overview

A Soft and Fuzzy Companion for Little Ones

Strict material selection brings the safest companion for our loving kids. Pet it, hug it and talk with your first robot friend!

Never Feel Alone Again with MetaCat as Your Trusty Companion

You will always have a furry little soul waiting for you after a long day of work. Be the best of you and MetaCat is always on your side.

Bringing Warmth and Comfort to Your Golden Years

Forget about the litter box, just enjoy the pure love of companion from MetaCat.


Your New Best Friend is Just a Touch and a Word Away with MetaCat.


       photo of myCobot Arduino with main features


AI deep learning generated realistic head and tail movement

Fall in love with MetaCat: The Most Lifelike Robotic Cat Yet!

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features


With millions of happy customers worldwide, MetaCat is the ultimate robotic cat companion for all ages!