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MetaDog: Your Interactive Robo-Puppy

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The interactive companion you’ve been waiting for!

Your lifelike canine companion with multiple authentic barks, voice and touch interaction, always ready to brighten your day.

metaDog is an innovative AI pet, redefining the concept of companionship. It exhibits lifelike behaviours and emotions that evolve just like a real dog.

With its soft fur, charming sounds, endearing movements, expressive eye animations, and the convenience of USB-C charging, you’ll want to cherish it forever.

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Product overview

MetaDog’s lifelike design is pure perfection, from its expressive ears and tongue to its tender paw pads, charming physique, and cheerful tail.

It’s not just a pet; it’s your heartwarming companion.

MetaDog comes to life with playful head tilts, tail wags, and nods, all mimicking the delightful gestures of real dogs.

It’s these charming details that bring out its lifelike essence.

MetaDog boasts seven distinct dog sounds, each accompanied by lifelike motions.

Experience joyful barks, soulful howls, delightful whimpers, adorable tail wagging, affectionate nuzzles, playful panting, and soothing snoring.

It’s the closest thing to having a real dog companion.

In its everyday mode, MetaDog’s dynamic eyes can move, wink, blink, and shrink, closely imitating the eyes of real dogs, be it a Husky or Shiba Inu. In voice animation mode, MetaDog’s eyes respond to voice commands, creating expressive animations based on the spoken instructions.

MetaDog is equipped with powerful voice interaction capabilities. You can give it over 30 voice commands, allowing for diverse movements and engaging emotional interactions.

This wide range of voice commands ensures a rich and immersive experience!

MetaDog features a switch with options for “On,” “Mute,” and “Off”, simply connecting a USB-C charging cable for a convenient and straightforward charging process.

MetaDog is the ultimate gift, whether it’s for your loved ones or for yourself. It’s not just a robotic companion; it’s a bundle of joy, a best friend, and an embodiment of love. Give the gift of MetaDog, and you’re not just offering a product; you’re sharing happiness and creating unforgettable moments. This adorable, lifelike companion is the perfect way to express your affection.