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Narrative Communication Enhancement Pack

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Just because we can read, write and speak we think we are effective communicators. When in fact, many of us struggling miserably in this important area of narrative development and expression.

Based on developing effective narrative communication skills we have developed the Narrative Communication Enhancement Pack.

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Product overview

The pack includes:

The Communication Skills Workbook – Self-Assessments, Exercises and Educational Handouts – uses two powerful psychological tools designed to enhance communication skills: self-assessment and journaling. Participants will learn more about themselves as well as the impact of effective and ineffective communication patterns.

Communication Cards – Descriptions and Explanations – help young people to improve their skills of describing and explaining; two important areas of narrative work. Sometimes although ordinary sentence structures may be managed fairly well, a student may struggle to describe a process or account for an outcome.

Communication Cards – Storyteller –  aim is to develop the skills of creating a story, memorising it well enough to process it and then narrate it. Apart from practice at ‘working in’ an idea, the words cards help with vocabulary development too.

Communication Cards – Tell Me Why – aim is to encourage people to think more about the world around them, be creative and encourage expansiveness.

Communication Cards – You Choose! – encourages people to chat about themselves and what they like, building up their confidence, self-esteem and a sense of personal identity.

Ages: 12 +