pi-top [4] & Foundation Kit – Raspberry Pi 4 & a Whole Lot More!

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pi-top [4] is an easy-to-use programmable computing device based on Raspberry Pi that combines digital making, coding, and practical projects.

Includes Raspberry Pi 4B, 4GB RAM, Quad-Core 64-bit SoC at 1.5GHz (pre-installed)

Powered by the Raspberry Pi 4B (pre-installed), this modular device works with your Windows, Apple, and Chromebook computers to take your learning out of this world.

Connect it to moisture sensors to record environmental changes, wear it to measure movement and motion and use it to control everything from robotic vehicles to stage lights.

Every pi-top[4] comes with our Foundation Kit, containing 14 components including programmable sensors, buttons, LEDs, plus LEGO® connectors.

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Product overview

Powered by the hugely successful Raspberry Pi computer, pi-top [4] easily connects to your other PCs, making deploying code and retrieving results easy. It also works out of the box with your existing screens, keyboards and mice, as well as our brand new wireless keyboard and HD touch screen.

Raspberry pi pi-top 4



Includes Raspberry Pi’s GPIO connectivity as standard, meaning you’ve instant access to thousands of free projects, components, resources and support. We’ve made getting connected even easier with pi-top’s GPIO Node extension cable, which brings the interface front and centre. It also handily clips into third party products such as LEGO.


With pi-top [4], we’re introducing the pi-top Makers Architecture (PMA), a game-changing range of accessories that take maker connectivity to the next level. PMA offers ‘plug, program and play’ options for a wide variety of sensors, cameras, motors and other off-the-shelf components.


With its internal battery and sturdy construction, pi-top [4] loves nothing more than taking the learning experience out of the classroom and into the real world. Attach it to a drone, control hydroponic systems or record environmental changes. It’s so small and light you can even wear it, and command LEDs or record data from actors to athletes.


As well as connecting to a regular computer screen or video projector, pi-top [4] also has a built-in mini OLED screen. This can be programmed to display information on projects you’re running, such as data and readings from attached sensors, to system information like battery life and CPU usage. The four buttons either side are also fully programmable with a wide range of commands.


Every pi-top4 comes with the following in the box:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB
  • 16GB SD card
  • Power pack
  • Multi-tool
  • Foundation Kit


The Foundation Kit that comes with every pi-top [4] uses the unique pi-top Makers Architecture (PMA) and means you can get making and creating straight away. With sensors, motors, buzzers and LED’s, create anything from robotic systems to musical instruments to light and sound shows!


pi-top [4]’s new operating system comes with Search Portal built-in. Type what you’re looking for and instantly find thousands of the best educational projects, articles and research papers selected by pi-top’s world class education team. With Search Portal, you’re never stuck for support, advice or ideas.


Inspired? Check it out here!


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Technical Specifications

Gigabit Ethernet: Up to 1 Gbps; Wi-fi: 2.4 GHz + 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac;
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v5.0

Video Output
1 x Micro-HDMI, 1 x pi-top Display Port. Dual-display supported both supporting 4kp60

Battery life
Up to 5.5 hours use time
1hr 15min charge time
19.24Wh battery (7.4 Volts, 2600mAH LiPo battery)

1 x 2Watt speaker

2x USB 3.0
1x USB 2.0
Gigabit Ethernet
40pin GPIOs
micro HDMI
pi-top Display Port
pi-top Modular Connector
pi-top Pogo interface Connector

14 pi-top component modules comprised of programmable sensors, buttons, and LEDs; compatible with Grove sensors
Powered by Raspberry Pi 4 Model B; 4 GB RAM, Quad-Core 64-bit SoC at 1.5 GHz
16 GB micro-SD card preinstalled with pi-topSIRIUS OS (Debian-based)
2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet port, micro-HDMI port, proprietary pi-top display port (cable and adapter included)
Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz + 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac
Integrated 0.9 Watt centrifugal cooling fan (30 mm x 30 mm x 7 mm – 1.5 CFM)
Integrated 19.24 Wh (7.4 V, 2600 mAh) Li-Po battery
OLED monochrome screen, 128 x 64 pixels; available on system standby
1 W nominal (2 W max), mono speaker

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