Robots – Augmented Reality Book

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Getting Things Done

Solve problems and play with the robot you made! Start by making your own robot with the colouring marker. Discover about robots by using paper markers like the battery, TV and firefighting robot. Playing soccer games with the robot, telling the robot what to do and extinguishing the fire by using the firefighting robot marker helps the reader to discover more about robots in a way they never did!

For use with the ARpedia Spotty augmented reality device


  • Augmented reality book
  • 4 paper marker cards
  • 1 colouring marker card
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SKU: 9788901244334 - AR Categories: , Ages: 0 - 5 Author: Kim Mun-sang Illustrator: Park U-hui Publisher: ARpedia Page count: 35 ISBN: 9788901244334 Publish date: 2nd November, 2020