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Social Skills and Emotional Regulation Pack

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We have combined our top-selling emotional intelligence resources into one great pack! Help children understand how to behave in certain social situations and to manager their anger in healthy ways.

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Product overview

The Social Skills and Emotional Regulation Pack includes:


Social Skills Comics for Kids Set (4-Books) – This set of fun-filled and interactive illustrated stories help children understand how to behave in certain social situations. Each book features scenarios for the “wrong way” and “right way” to react in a situation. Full colour photographs allow readers to observe details such as body language and nonverbal cues.


Anger Alert! Game – Help kids tune in to the physical warning signs of anger. Some of us clench our fists; some tremble; others have the urge to throw something. All of us experience physical symptoms—warning signs—when anger is about to erupt. This clever card game introduces kids to these “anger alerts” and teaches 10 easy strategies they can use to calm down and retain their composure.


Activities to Help Young People Deal with Anger – These activities have a particular focus on developing skills for managing anger, conflict and relating to others. They provide specific, structured tasks that can be used during one-to-one mentoring intervention and for group work.


Social Skills – Includes discussion of how to teach social skills, how social skills develop through childhood, why they sometimes might not, and why social skills difficulties can have an impact on self-esteem and friendships


Age: 10+