Space – Augmented Reality Book

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Infinite and Mysterious

Are you ready to explore the mysterious universe? Let’s explore the Sun, the Moon, and each of the eight planets that orbit around the Sun. Listen to the stories of twinkling stars and observe the universe through an astronomical telescope. Place the black hole marker on the book, but be careful! No one knows what would get sucked into the black hole. Make your own space ship and explore more about the universe far, far away.

For use with the ARpedia Spotty augmented reality device


  • Augmented reality book
  • 3 paper marker cards
  • 1 colouring marker card
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SKU: 9788901244310 - AR Categories: , Ages: 0 - 5 Author: Kim Ji-hyeon Illustrator: Han Seung-mu Publisher: ARpedia Page count: 35 ISBN: 9788901244310 Publish date: 2nd November, 2020