SpendAble Financial Capacity Program

$1,792.40 inc GST $1,629.45 ex GST

SpendAble’s financial capacity building program is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to safely adapt in a changing financial world with personalised and hands-on financial capacity building training.

What’s included?
✅ Better financial protection— empowering you to manage and identify risks, so you’re safeguarded from scams and fraud in the physical and digital world
✅ You get to control your financial future, giving you the support and guidance needed for your circumstances
✅ Gain the skills and confidence you need — designed to increase your financial capacity and literacy so you can do all the things you love without restriction

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Product overview

How can this program help you?

  • Protect your Finances
    • Learn to identify and manage financial risks with expert guidance and support
  • Stay Safe from Scams
    • Safeguard yourself and your support team from physical and digital scams
  • Take Control of your Future
    • Develop an actionable and tailored budget tailored to your unique circumstances
  • One-on-One Sessions
    • 20 hours of personalised support to ensure you’re always on track to reach your goals
  • Build your Confidence
    • Develop the skills to make informed choices about how you spend your money
  • Peace of Mind
    • Have the tools to make card payments confidently so you can pay anywhere, anytime
  • Become more Independent
    • Enhance your financial literacy to make spending decisions that align to your financial goals
  • Personal Development
    • Structured and tailored learning environment, so you develop the right skills for you

How it Works

Money Principles

  • ✅ Principles of debit cards, transactions and banking – so you can safely pay anywhere with confidence
  • ✅ Understand how you pay – meaning you confidently know your process to pay for the things you love and enjoy
  • ✅ Review spending with ease – meaning you can understand all of your purchases and balances

Risk Education

  • ✅ Reduce your money risks – meaning you’ll know where your risks lie and how to protect yourself from them
  • ✅ Scam education – meaning you and your support network are protected from scams in the physical and digital world
  • ✅ Action plan – you’ll have a tool kit of resources to protect yourself in every scenario

Personal Spending Plan

  • ✅ Tailored budgeting – meaning you’ll have a personalised spending plan and the skills to implement it
  • ✅ Accessing your money – you’ll have the knowledge and skills to access the right money at the right time, always
  • ✅ Transacting – meaning you and your support network can confidently make any type of payment and keep track of your money