The Autism Resource Manual

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Practical Strategies for Teachers and other Education Professionals

This highly practical resource book is full of realistic and achievable strategies to help teachers to support neurodiverse students in a range of situations that, whilst often seemingly insignificant, can quickly become substantial and disruptive challenges in the mainstream classroom.

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SKU: 9780367755768 - 66 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Debbie Riall Publisher: Speechmark Page count: 352 ISBN: 9780367755768 Publish date: 24th November, 2021

Product overview

Written with the busy teacher in mind, chapters are easy to dip in and out of, with jargon-free language and simple explanations which are easy to understand and put into practice. Clear chapters explore a variety of situations and topics to help children engage in their learning and make the classroom a safe and inviting place to be for autistic students.

Key features include:

  • Practical and achievable strategies to support autistic students in the mainstream classroom
  • Real-life scenarios to help you find concrete solutions to issues as they arise
  • Memorable mantras and quick quotes to help embed strategies in everyday practice for both students and teachers
  • Photocopiable and downloadable resource sheets

Written by an advisory teacher for autism with a wealth of experience, this book will be an invaluable tool for both primary and secondary teachers in mainstream settings, as well as other education professionals.


Debbie Riall is a Specialist Teacher for Autism and related needs, currently working for The Athelstan Trust in an advisory capacity across five secondary schools. She originally worked as a class teacher of autistic pupils for over 20 years, then as an advisor for the last 13 years. She also trained in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and joined the weekly multi-agency diagnostic team in south Wales for five years.

Debbie Riall has enthusiastically devoted her working life to understanding the impact of school life on autistic pupils with or without a diagnosis, thinking of innovative ways to support their needs.

She presents training on all aspects of autism and related needs for schools and for parents. She is passionate about inspiring educational professionals not just to adapt the way they teach, but also to recognise and appreciate the strengths demonstrated by their autistic pupils.

Debbie Riall’s husband Nicholas is an architectural historian and has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. He has given her added insight into the impact of autism on everyday life.


Debbie Riall is passionate about her work and that passion runs through every word of this excellent book. She offers hard-won common sense from the frontline of the classroom in a clearly structured, easily accessible way. For the busy practitioner juggling the demands of classroom life this book provides hundreds of practical strategies for teaching autistic pupils. Crucially, the book is easily navigated signposting the reader to simple solutions to complex problems. Whether you are new to the world of autism and edging yourself slowly along or experienced and confident in your practice, this book will be your ‘sat-nav’ helping you get there or get there sooner.

Dr Martin Hanbury, Executive Headteacher, Chatsworth Multi-Academy Trust

This is such a valuable resource for all education staff who support autistic pupils. It’s full of information, with loads of ideas for practical ways to support pupils in the classroom.

Jodi Roberts, Speech & Language Therapist