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Autism Resource Kit in a Bag for Classrooms

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Especially useful for those on the autism spectrum, those with social communication difficulties and those with English as a second language. Help children to communicate more effectively, to make better decisions and to understand what is happening next, routines & sequences.

Over 90% of children are visual learners and up to 97% for those with social communication difficulties and yet we tend to use our voices far too much. This kit responds to children and young people who are visual learners. There are over 100 visual symbols either on communication fans displayed on safety lanyards or on clear and easy to understand communication tiles.

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SKU: 100618 - 104 Category: NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 6 - 12 Language: English

Product overview


– 24 x visual communication symbols printed onto foam board
– 1 x pyramid display board with ‘then’, ‘now’, ‘and’, ‘or’ tiles
– 4 x mini dry wipe tiles to make your own symbols or write words with included dry wipe pen
– 4 x visual symbol fans on 2 x safety lanyards include 40 Widgit symbols
– 1 x ‘I Feel Fan’ to support emotional understanding
– 1 x ‘I have autism’ personal communication fan to help explain what upsets a child, or calms them down or special ways that they communicate
– 1 x Hey, Children on the Autism Spectrum Play Too – a practical resource book that helps the reader to understand effective ways of working with autism

“I have two children in my class on the autism spectrum. This kit has made a huge difference to their understanding of what is happening next, what they are meant to be doing and more importantly has helped me to adapt my communication. Life is now much easier.” -?Teacher, Milton Keynes

Keep this draw string bag handy in the classroom to use when supporting children and young people who are visual learners.


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