The Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness

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In The Coach Approach to School Leadership, Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, and Kathy Perret address a dilemma faced by many principals: how to function as learning leaders while fulfilling their evaluative and management duties. The answer? Incorporating instructional coaching techniques as an integral part of serious school improvement.

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SKU: 9781416623854 - 11 Category: Ages: 13 - 18 Author: Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, Kathy Perret Publisher: ASCD Page count: 179 ISBN: 9781416623854 Publish date: May 2017

Product overview

The authors explain how principals can

  • Master the skill of “switching hats” between the non-judgmental coach role and the evaluative supervisor role.

  • Expand their classroom visits and combine coaching with evaluation requirements.

  • Nurture relationships with teachers and build a positive school culture.

  • Provide high-quality feedback to support the development of both teachers and students.

  • Empower teachers to lead their own professional learning and work together as a team.

Drawing from the authors’ work with schools as well as their conversations with educators across the globe, this thought-provoking book speaks to the unique needs of principals as instructional leaders, providing solutions to challenges in every aspect of this complex endeavour.

The role of the principal is changing at a rapid pace. Let this resource guide you in improving your own practice while helping teachers master the high-quality instruction that leads to student success.