The Teacher’s Guide to Scratch – Intermediate: Professional Development for Coding Education

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The Teacher’s Guide to Scratch – Intermediate is a practical guide for educators preparing moderately complex coding lessons and assignments in their K-12 classrooms.

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SKU: 9781032505664 - 88 Categories: , Ages: Adult Author: Kai Hutchence Publisher: Eye On Education Page count: 222 ISBN: 9781032505664 Publish date: March 13, 2024

Product overview

The Teacher’s Guide to Scratch – Intermediate is a practical guide for educators preparing moderately complex coding lessons in K-12 classrooms. As leading visual programming platform, Scratch helps schools achieve important learning outcomes using coding and computer science. This book illustrates the increasingly intricate affordances of Scratch coding, details effective pedagogical strategies and learner collaborations. Additionally, the book provides troubleshooting tips to help navigate common challenges that may arise, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Geared toward the intermediate user, four unique coding projects will provide the technical training that teachers need to feel confident. Teachers can then instill the same feeling of accomplishment in their students. Clear goals, a comprehensive glossary, and other features, it serves as a lasting reference for computer science education. Thanks to Scratch’s cost-effective open-source license, suitability for blended and project-based learning, notable lack of privacy or security risks, and consistency in format even amid software and interface updates, this will be an enduring practitioner manual and professional development resource for years to come.


Author Biography

Kai Hutchence is CEO and Founder of Massive Corporation Game Studios as well as its subdivision, Massive Learning, which focuses on educational products and services. He has established coding support partnerships with elementary, middle and high schools, post-secondary institutions, and provincial and national organizations. Through this, Kai has taught over 20,000 students to code and over 2,000 educators to code and teach coding.


Critics’ Review

“Kai Hutchence underscores the importance of the educator in the learning environment, helping learners through the cognitive and affective challenges they will encounter in their work. He offers a beautiful vision of the educator as a model learner—a member of the learning community who can be curious and vulnerable and fearless and brave.”

—Karen Brennan, Timothy E. Wirth Professor of Practice in Learning Technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA, from the foreword