Therapeutic Fairy Tales, Volume 2

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This beautifully illustrated collection of Therapeutic Fairy Tales, Volume 2, is designed to help children explore feelings of anxiety, social isolation and OCD (obsessive thoughts/compulsive behaviours), using nature as a support. These books can be used by parents, caregivers and professionals to support children’s mental and emotional health.

With a gentle, slow-paced approach, these tales invite children to attune into difficult feelings and sensations using metaphor and the imagination, and offer ideas on how to feel safer in their own bodies. Through the characters’ journeys and help provided by animal-guides, these beautifully illustrated tales offer practical strategies to help children connect to nature, their inner resources and learn self-calming techniques.

Therapeutic Fairy Tales, Volume 2, includes:

  • The Waves: For Children Living With OCD
  • Into the Forest: For Children With Feelings Of Anxiety
  • The Sky Fox: For Children With Feelings of Loneliness

These books can be used together with The Storybook Manual, which offers creative ideas on how to use illustrated storybooks therapeutically, and will be essential reading alongside the original stories in the Therapeutic Fairy Tales series. The collection is an invaluable tool for therapists and teachers, or equally for parents and caregivers supporting their children.

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SKU: 9781032119557 - 66 Categories: , , Ages: 6 - 12 Author: Pia Jones, Sarah Pimenta Publisher: Speechmark Page count: 116 ISBN: 9781032119557 Publish date: 31st May, 2023