Transportation – Augmented Reality Book

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From Ground to Space

It shows the vehicles around us from land to sky. Starting from vehicles on land like cars, to vehicles that float on water and up to vehicles that fly up above the sky, try to find the differences between them! Make your own car, submarine, airplane with the colouring marker and drive the car you made. But don’t go too far! The fun of vehicles never ends!

For use with the ARpedia Spotty augmented reality device


  • Augmented reality book
  • 4 paper marker cards
  • 3 colouring marker cards
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SKU: 9788901244327 - AR Categories: , Ages: 0 - 5 Author: Park Jin-hui Illustrator: Jo Jun-cheol Publisher: ARpedia Page count: 35 ISBN: 9788901244327 Publish date: 2nd November, 2020