UltraArm P340: A High-Performance 4-Axis Collaborative Robot

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4-axis collaborative robotic arm equipped with a high-performance stepper motor

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Product overview



ultraArm is a small desktop robotic arm. It is designed with classic metal structure and occupies only an area of A5 paper. It is equipped with high-performance stepper motors, and it owns ±0.1mm repeated positioning accuracy and high stability. UltraArm can achieve the precise writing and drawing, laser engraving, and can be freely matched with multiple accessories such as slide rail, conveyor belt, myAGV and cameras. It can complete different practical training projects according to different needs, and is widely used in many fields such as higher education, scientific research, vocational application education, etc.

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Integrated design with interfaces for laser engraving, adaptive gripper and suction pump, and a burning switch, ultraArm helps users switch functions easily for a better learning experience on practical exercises.
photo of myCobot Arduino with main features


UltraArm is compact and tough with metal structure. 340mm working radius, 650g payload, small but powerful. ultraArm helps you achieve more applications.

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photo of myCobot Arduino with main features


myBlockly is a drag-and-drop programming visualization software. It is a basic technique that allows users to drag and drop code blocks or other visual cues, rather than manually writing text-based code, which makes programming easier.

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features


Based on the global mainstream robot communication framework, ROS, ultraArm supports the control and algorithm verification in the virtual environment, reducing the requirements of the experimental environment, improving experiment efficiency.


Elephant Luban is a platform that generates the G-Code track, and provides basic cases for users. Users can select multiple functions including precise writing and drawing, laser engraving, etc.


Model ultraArm P340
DOF 3-4
Payload 650g
Repeatability 340mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Weight 2.9kg
Working Lifespan 5000h
Input power 12V 5A
Joint rotation range J1 -150° ~ +170°; J2 -20° ~ 90°; J3 -5° ~ 75°
Noise 60 dB
Maximum terminal velocity 100mm/s
Base port Laser engraving interface adaptive claw interface suction pump interface burning switch
Power supply adapter 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Installation Mode Horizontal Desktop Installation
Power module High performance stepper motor
Method of programming Elephant Ruban,Graphical programming myBlockly,Python
Operating temperature 0°~45°
Working environment humidity 5%-80%
Velocity of joint J1 100°/S; J2 100°/S; J3 100°/S