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Using and Analysing Data in Australian Schools

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We know that data can be a powerful force for student learning and achievement, but what data should we be collecting, how should it be analysed and what does it really mean? Without answers to these big questions, making use of data in the classroom can end up being an afterthought – even a source of stress and confusion.

In this expanded second edition of Using and analysing data in Australian schools, Dr Selena Fisk offers a practical guide for bringing data to life. Learn how data from a range of sources – formative and summative assessment, standardised testing, informal reflections and more – can empower everyone, from teachers to school leaders to students. Featuring over thirty relevant in-school examples, this essential resource is filled with customisable templates, strategies and tips you can start using today to build a culture of learning and trigger real data-informed change in your classroom.

Using and analysing data in Australian schools will deepen your understanding of your students’ achievements and abilities and, in inviting students to take ownership of their data, transform how they see themselves as learners.


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SKU: 9781923116024 - 27 Category: Ages: Adult Author: Selena Fisk Publisher: Amba Press ISBN: 9781923116024 Publish date: 1st September, 2023