Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)

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Lawrence E. Shapiro

Product Overview

To help Australians through the COVID-19 crisis, The Brainary partnered with Dr Lawrence Shapiro, famous psychologist and prolific publisher of wellbeing resources to make available the Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide health crisis as well as a worldwide mental health crisis. Medical professionals have made clear what we need to do to protect ourselves from the health risks of the coronavirus: keep two arms length away from others, wash our hands frequently, avoid touching our faces, wear face masks and gloves in public, and so forth. However, what people should do for mental health issues is not really clear.

This workbook was written to help you understand the many ways the pandemic can affect your mental health, and it offers practical tools and solutions to deal with problems before they become too serious.

Sample Pages:

Conducting Positive Family Meetings

Decreasing the Strain on Your Relationship During the Pandemic

Finding Personal Meaning During the Pandemic


The workbook you included with a recent email contains, by far, THE most relevant, effective, appealing, original and helpful worksheets I have seen on the majority of the topics covered, but the fact that they are all in one place and available for free is something I am so grateful for that I had to take time out and let you know. This is a fantastic resource, not just for now but at any time. Thank you for making these different from other things available currently. I find there are some people who have encountered the same standard worksheets so many times across various treatment types that they don't bother with them anymore and lose faith in those providing them with those resources. The worksheets you've provided are refreshing and well-executed. Thanks again! Ashley Boehm

Table of Contents 

Section One: Addressing Pandemic Problems and Symptoms 

Is Coronavirus Anxiety Triggering Your Mental Health Issues? 

Dealing with Mental Health Problems Created by the Pandemic 

Dealing with Depression

Managing Uncertainty

What to Do When You Worry Too Much About Your Health

Are You Really Sick? 

Managing Anger and Irritability While Stuck at Home 

Decreasing the Strain on Your Relationship 

Managing Your Mood While Observing Social Distancing

Protecting Yourself from Anxiety Contagion

Creating a Family Schedule to Maintain Structure and Routine

Keeping a Schedule

Exercising at Home

Staying Motivated While “Sheltering-in-Place”  

Staying Connected to Others 

Controlling Your Drinking

Conducting Positive Family Meetings 

Finding Meaning 

Coping with Trauma 

Establishing Boundaries When You Are “Sheltered-in-Place”

Curbing Overeating


Section Two: Building Resiliency to Thrive in a Time of Crisis 

Maintaining Your Sense of Humour

Fostering Wellness

Calming Your Body with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Developing Problem-Solving Skills

Maintaining Strong Social Connections

Understanding What You Can Control in Your Life

Pausing During a Distressing Situation 

Self-Soothing to Tolerate Distress

Creating a Crisis Survival Plan

Using “I” Statements to Communicate Effectively

Regulating Your Emotions

Controlling Your Urges 

Welcoming Mindfulness into Your Life 

What Has Helped You? 

Improving Self-Efficacy 

Giving Up Judging People Negatively

Developing Self-Compassion

Developing Empathy 

Asking for What You Want and Need

Increasing Flow Experiences 

Developing the Habit of Gratitude 

Recognising and Appreciating Your Resilience

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