Benefits and Features of the UBI DUO 2


During this global Covid-19 crisis, there is an urgent need for a reliable way to communicate face to face with people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or late-deafened. Now more than ever, interpreters are less likely to be available 100% of the time. Following quarantine protocols, medical settings may restrict the use interpreters for safety reasons. Likewise, interpreters may have increased concerns about their safety, as well as possible transmission to friends and family. Finally, with the rising numbers of those affected, interpreting hours will increase as well. The cost of interpreters will have a huge impact on already overstretched budgets in this time of crisis.

The solution should provide face to face communication without relying on Wi-Fi, hard-wired internet access, or mobile phone signals. It has to enable a simultaneous conversation, be visually and physically easy to use, as well as effectively capture and retain conversations for record-keeping and future use. The best solution will have a one-time, knowable cost regardless of unpredictable increases in demand or hours of usage.

That solution is the UbiDuo 2:

This is a communication device that enables people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or late-deafened to instantly communicate face-to-face with the hearing, in real-time in any environment.

Ubiduo 2

Accessibility: Unlike texting, instant messaging or email, there is no “type, send, and wait”. The UbiDuo2 not only turns on instantly, both parties can immediately begin typing in the split screen chat format. Anyone can learn to use the UbiDuo2 within minutes of being shown how.

Features and Benefits:

Portable, lightweight easy to carry into any environment

Independent Power source last 12 hours

No contact details required to share before use

One time controlled cost for unlimited 24/7 useage

Each UbiDuo 2 “pair” has a dedicated and encrypted wireless radio signal, meaning

No internet needed. EVER.

No worries about limited Internet bandwidth.

No worries about Wi-Fi connectivity.

No mobile signal required.

Signal unreliability never an issue.

No concerns about mobile signal interference with other equipment.

The UbiDuo 2 has a full-size keyboard and a 7” touch screen

Font, background colour, brightness, etc., adjustable for the requirements of those with

limited vision.

Mobile phones have small screens and keypads which are difficult for any complex or lengthy


Ubiduo 2

Suitability for restricted access scenarios:

Will work behind a wall or glass enclosure. For example, a doctor or family member on the other side

is able to have a full conversation via the real-time chat screens.

Can connect in most environments up to 100 feet apart.

Conversations saved to the UbiDuo 2, can then be downloaded to a USB drive to transfer to records

and orders.

Essential Service Environments:

Hospitals and medical centers

Emergency Room

Admissions Office

Out-Patient Services

Law Enforcement


Nursing homes and Assistive Living Centers

Emergency Medical Services

Public Support Services

Superannuation fund offices

Roads & Maritime Services

Post Offices

Ubiduo 2

Types of users who benefit from use of the UbiDuo 2



Late-deafened (Those who had hearing and lost it due to accident or illness)

Elderly with hearing loss

Those with a trach

Those who have expressive stuttering

Non-verbal, due to medical, accident or other

Laryngeal injury or cancer patients

Ventilator patients

Ubiduo 2

This picture was taken just days after an elderly woman, with severe hearing

loss, was preventively isolated along with the rest of her assisted living facility.

She cannot hear well enough to talk on the phone anymore and cannot use a cell

phone for texting because the screen is too small to read and the keypad too

tiny to type. Her family member is seen sitting outside the locked-down facility

having a conversation with her on the UbiDuo 2.

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