ARpedia Spotty AR Science Lab – Augmented Reality Book Set

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Reading experience beyond the pages!

A paper book that interacts with digital contents and AR technology for a completely new reading experience.

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Product overview

Kids Judge BETT winner of the 2022 global educational technology conference, ARpedia incorporates augmented reality (AR) technology to bring science to life! ARpedia digital content is designed to supplement book contents, providing additional information and interactive experiments for kids.

Kids can engage directly with the material through on-screen animations as well as interactive cards called paper markers. With these paper markers, kids can actively participate in experiments. Kids will achieve a deeper understanding of complex STEM topics through engaging exploration and fun first-hand interactions. Kids also have opportunities to colour their own paper markers and see their unique creations come to life on the screen!

Suitable for ages 7-10, ARpedia books are an exceptional addition to any classroom or home-schooling curriculum. Kids can engage directly with the material and explore independently without assistance from a parent or teacher. You can also make copies of blank colouring markers for infinite use! This is great for teachers who need bulk amounts for their classrooms, siblings sharing materials, or kids who just want more opportunities to redesign their characters!

AR Science includes 130 digital science experiments among the four major STEM subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth science. Make STEM learning more interactive, engaging and fun. As kids explore with the paper markers, they will have opportunities to create molecules, and interact with famous scientists, like Einstein, all while learning about the world around them!

Set includes:

Ages: 7-10

Requires compatible tablet device (not included)

  • iOS 13.0 or above
  • Android 6.0 or above