ARpedia Spotty Into the Community – Augmented Reality Book Set

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Reading experience beyond the pages!

A paper book that interacts with digital contents and AR technology for a completely new reading experience.

Set includes:

  • Spotty AR device
  • 5 interactive books
  • 8 colouring marker cards
  • 23 paper marker cards

Ages: 4-9

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Product overview

Your community comes to life with AR (augmented reality) books! Follow community stories and engage in interactive activities using the markers. Through various stories and interactive educational activities, the reader will discover interesting facts about people and places in the community.

ARpedia’s fun and engaging Augmented Reality (AR) content combines the best of digital and hands on learning. Engage both the visual and auditory senses with each fun and educational AR experience!

Children aged 4-9 can explore an aquarium, farm, hair salon, theatre, and amusement park, without leaving their own house. The stories are written specifically for your child’s reading comprehension levels.


Requires compatible tablet device (not included)

  • iOS 13.0 or above
  • Android 6.0 or above