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Early Years Fans Pack

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This pack of visual fans helps early learners understand and communicate topics of instructions, activities and emotions.


  • Early Years Activities Fan
  • Early Years Instructions Fan
  • Traffic Light Think Fan
  • Emotions Face Fan
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SKU: 070722 - 104 Category: Ages: 0 - 5

Product overview

Pack includes:

Early Years Activities Fan

  • Support young children’s understanding of what is going to happen next, or to choose their own early years activities. Useful for aiding communication between adults and young children, particularly in relation to choosing activities.

Early Years Instructions Fan

  • Support young children’s understanding of instructions that are used in Early Years settings every day. Useful for aiding communication between adults and young children. This fan contains instructions associated with early years.

Traffic Light Think Fan

  • Traffic Light Fan to indicate Stop, Think or OK. This fan contains four petals. Three are coloured like traffic lights and can be used in various ways for communication. For instance, offer praise with the green petal, ask the child to think using amber and stop what they are doing with the red. This fan can be used to play games with children where green is go, amber is think and red is stop. After the children are used to playing the game, use the traffic light think fan in relation to supporting their behaviour.

Emotions Face Fan

  • Help children identify how they are feeling and empathise with others’ emotions. Used as a visual aid for children, this single 10 petal fan has colourful emotion faces representing a variety of emotions. Colours also represent emotions: ‘seeing red’ or ‘feeling blue’.