From Nursing Homes to Home Care

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SKU: 9781138974777 - 88 Categories: , , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: COWART Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9781138974777 Publish date: 30/11/2016

Product overview

Older people who would prefer to stay in their homes and states whose funds are being depleted by the rising costs of Medicaid payments to nursing homes find the current system of long-term care unsatisfactory. From Nursing Homes to Home Care arms educators, policymakers, public health professionals, gerontologists, and advocacy groups with the information they need to participate knowledgeably in the debate about aging and long-term care needs. The book shows readers where things are, where they are going, and where they need to be in changing the system of long-term care.

From Nursing Homes to Home Care evaluates future needs for long-term care by analyzing on-going systems and assessing key features of proposed long term programs in the context of population aging. Readers gain a thoughtful analysis of the complex dimensions of making future long-term care policy and program decisions as they read about:

  • patterns of demographic aging, disability, and health needs
  • intersections of formal and informal care including intergenerational equity issues
  • long-term care services needs and accessibility
  • planning for funding, quality assurance, and range of services
  • implications of shifts from the current system to a system of home and community-based services

    Chapters in From Nursing Homes to Home Care express the collective thinking of leaders in long-term care policy and research. Contributors address implications for changing the current system in relation to the emerging needs of the aging population and use this as a basis for examining alternative decisions. Information in the book helps readers determine how to best blend formal and informal services, how to assure quality of care and quality of life in long-term care policy, how to finance devised programs, which health needs to address, and whether to use regulatory or competitive approaches.

    Professionals, educators and students, and policymakers at all levels