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I Have Autism Communication Passport Fan (Including Lanyard)

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Simple communication passport fan, to convey essential information about an individual on the autism spectrum.

Fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall by 45mm at their widest point.

Lanyard included.

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Product overview

Tell other people the essential information about an individual on the autism spectrum in an easy to read, easy to carry communication passport.

Each fan comes with a set of self-complete petals and a fine line permanent marker pen. Add in the information that is specific to the individual such as:

  • Things I like
  • Things I don’t like
  • I get upset when
  • I calm down when
  • Special ways I communicate
  • There are extra petals for you to add any further relevant information

The fan also has petals which describe the traits of autism from the individual’s perspective.

Please note these fans are supplied with loose petals for you to put together yourself and use whichever petals are relevant, the supplied popper clicks through the front and back petals to hold the fan together once assembled.

Lanyard included.