The Divided Therapist

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SKU: 9780367504427 - 88 Categories: , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: Tweedy, Rod Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9780367504427 Publish date: 7/10/2020

Product overview

This important new book explores the nature of the divided brain and its relevance for contemporary psychotherapy. Citing the latest neuroscienti¿c research, it shows how the relationship between the two hemispheres of the brain is central to our mental health, and examines both the practical and theoretical implications for therapy.
Disconnections, dissociations, and imbalances between our two hemispheres underlie many of our most prevalent forms of mental distress and disturbance. These include issues of addiction, autism, schizophrenia, depression, anorexia, relational trauma, borderline and personality disorders, psychopathy, anxiety, derealisation and devitalisation, and alexithymia. A contemporary understanding of the nature of the divided brain is therefore of importance in engaging with and treating these disturbances.
Featuring contributions from some of the key authors in the ¿eld, The Divided Therapist suggests that hemispheric integration lies at the heart of the therapeutic process itself, and that a better understanding of the precise mechanisms that underlie and enable this integration will help to transform the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in the twenty-¿rst century. The book will be essential reading for any therapeutic practitioner interested in how the architecture of the brain informs and e¿ects their client’s issues and challenges.