Cunnamulla Library earmarked for global study!

Originally published in Paroo Review, Autumn 2020

JD EZ Robot

The Cunnamulla Library’s robotics program has caught the eye of German Social Scientist Simon Schmiederer.

Simon is currently completing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences in Berlin and is writing his thesis on the deployment of humanoid robots in libraries.

Tammy Hickey, Library Services Team Leader, said she was surprised when she first received Simon’s email.

“It’s not everyday you receive an email from the other side of the world. I didn’t even know how he found out about us, turns out it was through a google search!” Tammy said.

“Simon mentioned that Cunnamulla was of special interest to him because we have a humanoid robot (‘Literator’) in our library despite being in such a small town.

“I’m honoured that Simon has asked us to participate in his research. We use our robots as a fun way to educate children including those with learning difficulties, autism and those who have problems verbally communicating with others – but will talk to Literator.”

Simon’s research will aim to address the questions of why libraries decide to integrate a humanoid robot in their institution, which goals are pursued with the deployment, which events are offered, what works well, what doesn’t and what libraries intend to do with humanoid robots in the future. To see Cunnamulla Library’s robots in action, everyone is welcome to come in and check them out as well as the other library facilities.

JD EZ Robot

Social Scientist Simon Schmiederer

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