Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova


How Not To Gaslight Autistic Kids

Some very dear friends of mine have a daughter in elementary school who has recently been diagnosed with autism. It took them several years of dealing with emotional dysregulation, anxiety, outbursts, and fighting to get to this point and now they’re adjusting and trying to learn how to do the best they can for her. I’ve offered some of the same advice you’ll see throughout the autistic community – make sure you don’t gaslight her or deny her experience. But that brought up a question: “Where’s the line between correcting and gaslighting? Read more 


June is Aphasia awareness month

‘Aphasia robs the ability to communicate’ Shannon Nelson gives these tips on how to help communicate with family and friends who have aphasia.

Physiotherapy for deafblindness

Did you know about the important role that physiotherapists can play in supporting the development of skills of people with deafblindness.

The Wellbeing Series

What is it to be a well being? The events of 2020, and in particular COVID-19, have shone a spotlight on our health, and made us aware of the importance of social connectedness, family, lifestyle and community. The eight-episode Wellbeing Series investigates and celebrates the essential ingredients for living well. Read more