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How To Know If You Can Trust Someone – Brené Brown – BRAVING

Brené Brown PhD, LMSW is a professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host. She has dedicated her career to studying concepts of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and authored seven books including five New York Times best-sellers.

Little-known disorder affects one in 20 children

A common developmental disorder is being missed as it often coexists with other neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD or autism. Read more

Help Me to Understand Autistic Empathy

Jessica Harrison is an Autistic Autism researcher, with an expertise in Autistic empathy. In this webinar, Jessica talks to us about what empathy actually is (and what it is not), what Autistic empathy might look like, and she examines the research evidence for the ‘standard’ view that Autistic people have an empathy deficit. By providing an alternative understanding of empathy, Jessica helps parents and professionals alike to reframe their understanding of their child’s organically Autistic empathy.

With all our lives changing because of coronavirus, you could be experiencing disenfranchised grief

Disenfranchised grief refers to experiences of loss which might not be recognised, either by the person or by others. Read more

How social and emotional learning can help our school kids cope

In the wake of an emergency, like the COVID-19 pandemic, social and emotional learning programs in school can play a vital role in supporting student mental wellbeing. Read more