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This excellent counselling resource has dozens of activities covering various mental health concerns. *Includes PDF versions of all the workbooks!

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This excellent counselling resource has dozens of activities covering various mental health concerns. *Includes PDF versions of all the workbooks!

Overcoming Your OCD – This complete therapy assignment workbook will be useful in a comprehensive treatment plan for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The 180-page manual takes a comprehensive approach to treating, OCD, drawing from CBT, ACT, and behavioral therapy.

The Panic Attack Workbook – is a collection of 30 assignments to be used by clients in conjunction with their therapy. The worksheets teach skills in four areas, including: understanding panic attacks, learning to self-calm, tolerating anxiety and discomfort, replacing fears with rational thinking and working towards a permanent change.

Breaking Free of Addiction – This workbook offers forty-two therapeutic homework assignments that will help you learn about your substance use, make healthy choices, practice new skills, and try strategies to prevent relapse. There are nine sections of exercises. Each section will help you learn a specific set of skills. For each exercise, there is an objective and a brief overview of the topic. Then you’ll find a short vignette called Does This Sound Like You? followed by the exercise itself. A section called Reflections on This Exercise follows, where you can jot down notes, insights, memories, goals, or any other thoughts. Each exercise ends with a feedback section, where you’ll rate how much the exercise helped you and write about what else you could do to progress in your recovery.

Overcoming Your Creative Blocks – Creative blocks. We all have them, face them, and learn to cope with them. They come from deep inside us and from the reality around us. More often than not, we are quite unaware of their point of origin. We experience them as inhibiting, restrictive, and hindering, and are often not sure where to place them: in our rational selves, our irrational selves, or both. Some creative blocks are light; they don’t last long and can be worked through easily. Some are heavy, difficult to endure, and might last for a long time. Either way, they can be worked on, dismantled, and overcome. This workbook is for creative people who are willing to enter into the darkish world of their own or someone else’s creative blocks. Grounded in research about the creative process, the 43 activities in this book will help you learn skills and behaviour that lead to understanding and resolution of your creative blocks, enabling you to make new choices and achieve the state of flow with your creative process.

Overcoming Depression – This workbook is designed to be an assignment book used by people as an adjunct to their treatment for depression. The seven sections of the book include:

·       Understanding Your Depression
·       Increasing Positive Feelings
·       New Ways to Think
·       New Ways to Act
·       Coping with Stress and Difficult Feelings
·       Connecting to Others
·       Creating Permanent Change

Assignments go beyond just relieving the symptoms of depression and point the user to using the “habits of happiness” that will bring a permanent sense of meaning and fulfillment into their lives.