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Games for Talking Pack

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Games for Talking is a unique series of boxed cards designed for speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, teachers and all group leaders.

  • Perfect for icebreakers, warm-ups, as a standalone activity, or time fillers
  • Each pack introduces enjoyable activities for communication that can be set up and played in an instant; no preparation and no special equipment required!
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Product overview

The five cards included in this pack are:

Let’s Talk – Social Skills is designed to build stronger communication skills. Topics include: negotiation skills, conversation skills, self-perception, physical and verbal reactions, friendship, personal responsibilities, greetings, closures, talents and interests, setting social plans and much more.

Let’s Talk – Assertiveness improves communication and confidence Assertiveness is based on the idea that people have rights and responsibilities. If people respect their own rights and wants and those of others, they may be said to be acting assertively.

Let’s Talk is a set of discussion and prompt cards designed for use by all groups. The pack is divided into the following three themes:One thing …, Think back and Let’s talk!

Let’s Talk – Feelings Cards to enable people to become more aware of their feelings The cards are divided into 6 sections: Situation cards – How would you feel?, You are feeling – How would you show it?, You are feeling – What would help you to deal with it?, A friend is feeling – How could you respond to be helpful? and Situation cards – How might the other person feel?

Let’s Talk – Resilience  are cards to improve communication and confidence. To understand more about resilience, these cards help to develop resilience skills and look at how to use different strategies to be resilient in difficult situations.

Ages: All